As metal framing becomes the standard across the nation, we take pride in manufacturing excellent metal panels in our shop.

Save with Panels

EPI construction uses a crane to hang prefabricated metal panels on site

Metal panelization can save your business time and money. We complete projects faster and cheaper with panels versus wood, concrete or traditional steel, all while providing more value for your investment.

Benefits of Metal Prefabrication

Metal prefabrication isn’t a fad; it’s the most dependable and efficient option for your building project.

Metal framing is the best value for your dollar. Unlike wood, it won’t warp, rot or become infested. The metal construction resists combustion and other fire hazards.

Metal panelization is known for its multi-use functionality. From housing structures, like apartments, to office buildings, panelization is useful in virtually every context.

EPI Engineering

Our skilled design engineers deliver precise and functional shop drawings for each of our clients. We believe in modern, efficient building techniques that will give your business the best experience possible.

EPI shop drawing

EPI's Process: Manufacturing and Shipping

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Beautiful, functional buildings require precise attention to detail. EPI focuses on meticulous detail for every one of our clients. Our contractors use both CAD modeling and shop drawing to streamline your building’s design process.

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We assemble prefabricated panels in a controlled environment. Afterward, we organize our sturdy steel components for each job, creating higher efficiency. Precisely made panels allow pre-made parts, like windows and doors, to fit perfectly into place. Delivered assemblies make the work environment cleaner and safer.

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On-site construction is easy and efficient. Steel frame panels do not absorb moisture, so there are no weather delays for rain, snow or excessive heat like other framing methods. A small team can raise frames quickly. This process requires less time, which can save your organization money on construction costs.

Working with another construction company?

We can construct panels to your specifications and ship them to you.


As a staple of the downtown Springfield area, the Heer’s Building has a storied history. EPI helped renovate and restore this historic landmark. It now houses luxury condominiums for Springfield residents who are looking to live in the heart of the city.


Hotel Vandivort and Vantage Rooftop Bar stand as one of the premier destinations in Downtown Springfield. It’s luxurious and carefully crafted feel gives each patron a unique experience.

Metal panelization of Wonderworks building with blue duotone


WonderWorks is an interactive attraction that teaches individuals of all ages about science over 100 hands-on exhibits. We panelized the location in Branson, MO.

Farmers park sign with blue duotone


Farmers Park is the culmination of a commercial, residential and community space. It is home to the Farmers Market of the Ozarks and several local businesses.